Come experience hygge. At Restaurant Taim, we take our food seriously. We also give great importance to hygge—atmosphere—a central element to the eating experience. At Taim Restaurant we fuse Danish and international dishes, made with only fresh, delicious, and nutritious ingredients, all prepared in authentic Nordic tradition. We can’t wait for you to experience the special 'hyggeligt' atmosphere, and enjoy a wonderful eating experience. Taim is located at the Chabad house, a building with historical significance. During WW2, the Chabad house which was a local school at the time, served as one of the headquarters of the Nazis. ChabaDanmark started activities in Denmark in 1996, and has been at this location since 2002, serving as a center for activities, educational and social programs for children and adults, and a center for Jewish life. Come and enjoy a great eating experience.

Taim Resturant is a project of ChabaDanmark

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Practical Information

Practical Information:

Address:  Ole Suhrs Gade 10,
1354 København K, Denmark

Tel: + 45 33 16 18 50

Resturant Taim offers catering and sending food out. We also offer groups and parties. Be in touch for details.

Restaurant Taim is closed on Jewish holidays on the following dates in:

August 1.
September 20- 21
September 24
October 2- 14
December 13 


February 28- 29
March 26
April 9
May 3
May 20-21
July 1
July 22

We offer holiday dinners and activities, please follow our ChabaDanmark website for more information and to sign up. 

The restaurant is under the strict kosher supervision of Rabbi Yitzi Loewenthal, Rabbi of ChabaDanmark All meat is glatt mehadrin and bread is Pas Yisroel. White bread is Hamoitzie, the rye bread is mzonot.



Chabad House:


Ole Suhrs Gade 10,

1354 København K, Denmark

Sunday-Thursday: 17:00–20:30

Tel: + 45 33 16 18 50

Email:  info@taimkosher.dk